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What is Talbon?

Habitat is the term used to describe an environment that provides food, water, shelter, and other necessities for life. It can include a variety of habitat patches (Botkin and Sobel, 1975; Bormann and Likens, 1979) in a landscape that changes as a result of environmental heterogeneity, including patch dynamics, succession, anthropogenic land use change, and species movement patterns. Species populations often require more sites over the long term than they are occupied at any given time due to these factors. In addition, habitat might be unoccupied for a time in response to migrations and movements of organisms that take place in response to seasonal cycles, reproductive behavior, resource depletion or creation, or a search for protection.

Habitat is a non-profit organization that proposes building eight rental efficiency/one-bedroom residences and three rental duplexes for low-income residents in Philbrick Commons on 10.6 acres of land it purchased from Denis and Pauline Black for $200,000. The development is supported by Maine State Housing and a contract zone was granted to the organization. Ground was broken on the site in November.

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