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Tips: Malwarebytes Solarwinds Officecimpanuzdnet

Malwarebytes Is Not a Victim of SolarWinds

The cyber security company Malwarebytes Solarwinds Officecimpanuzdnet is one of the targets in the recent SolarWinds IT breach. But despite its name, Malwarebytes does not use SolarWinds IT software and was infiltrated through another intrusion vector. The hacker got inside by exploiting a dormant email protection product.

Cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes hacked by same group that hacked SolarWinds

Cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes Solarwinds Officecimpanuzdnethas been breached by the same group that breached the IT software firm SolarWinds last year. While Malwarebytes did not use any SolarWinds software in its internal network, it said the group exploited an email protection product that had been dormant for years. The security firm claims its software is still safe to use.

The attack took place through an exploit in the Azure Active Directory and malicious Office 365 applications. Malwarebytes has since removed the malware and stopped it from spreading. The company is still investigating how the malware got into its systems.

In a blog post, the cybersecurity firm explains that the attack gave spies access to a subset of internal company emails. However, it found no evidence of unauthorized access to production environments. The company says it has developed a vulnerability scanner to protect its customers from the attacks.

Malwarebytes Solarwinds Officecimpanuzdnet was alerted to the attack by the Microsoft Security Response Center on December 15 after the company reported suspicious activity. The malware took control of a Microsoft Azure Active Directory account and gained access to a limited subset of internal emails. Its security team and Microsoft DART team have been working to investigate the hack and find the cause of the intrusion.

The hacking group is suspected of targeting several US government agencies. The malware update aims to attack the Departments of Homeland Security, State, Commerce, and Treasury. It also targets the National Institutes of Health. According to Politico, nuclear programs were also targeted.

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Investigation shows no evidence of unauthorized access or compromise

The SolarWinds breach was one of several cyber attacks in recent years, including those blamed on Russian operatives. The State Department and White House were also targeted in 2014, and the hacking group Cozy Bear was linked to attacks on other government computers around the time of the 2016 midterm elections. In addition, a number of other government agencies, including the Pentagon and NASA, have been victims of attacks.

The intrusion was detected by cybersecurity firm FireEye in November 2020. FireEye informed SolarWinds of the compromised Orion platform and coordinated with Microsoft. The breach resulted in unauthorized network access, and the threat actor used the compromised software to conduct other malicious activities. Microsoft notified multiple federal agencies and implemented countermeasures to block malicious network traffic.

CISA has determined that the threat posed grave risk to the federal, state, local, and private sector. As such, CISA has urged stakeholders to review the Alert and review the enclosed indicators. Further investigations are ongoing.

The attack started with an admin account that impersonated an existing user account and forged SAML tokens. From there, the attacker accessed internal organizational resources, cloud environments, protected databases, and third-party tools. Once inside, they also had access to SolarWinds’ APIs. SolarWinds servers are isolated from the rest of the network. Moreover, they are restricted from access from the internet.

The hack of SolarWinds was technically sophisticated and must have been challenging to execute. However, it was not a zero-day attack. The attackers did not modify the software source code, but modified the software build process. This has far-reaching consequences.

The malicious updates installed in more than 18,000 SolarWinds customers enabled the attackers to access customer IT systems and install more malware. The attacks affected many companies and government departments. Some companies and government departments lost emails and other data. The attack has also affected many private companies. The company has contacted law enforcement and shared the results with its partners, vendors, and intelligence agencies around the world.

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