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Small Cell revolution with Mobile Network testing & RF Drive Test Tools

It’s a fact that a 5G network is the king of internet connectivity. But the deployment of small cells in 5G networks will serve as its foundation, thereby telcos will benefit from a successful, large-scale and speedy deployment. As small cells will be the foundation of future 5G networks, hence it is considered that 5G requires a buildout of the wireless network in the form of small cells at a scale and speed. With a combination of these, 5G can offer faster speeds and lower costs. So now let us see Why 5G networks can’t succeed without a small cell revolution & Accurate Mobile Network Monitoring Tools, Mobile Network Drive Test Tools, Mobile Network Testing Tools and Accurate RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester.

The telecom industry is using small cells to extend coverage and improve service quality for 3G, 4G, and LTE wireless networks. This is the reason, several countries in the telecom industry will likely continue to pull ahead in the race for 5G along with small cell technology soon.

According to Fiercewireless, an article reveals that prediction of 13 million outdoor 5G small cell deployments will be completed globally by 2027 and 5G small cell deployments will overtake 4G in 2028.

Small Cells Can Fit into the 5G Revolution: –

5G network provides increased data capacity, lower latency, and longer battery life and enables a larger diversity of applications that 4G cannot perform. 5G will not replace 4G / small cells because it will continue to advance in parallel with 5G.

In the pre-5G/LTE-Advanced Pro (LTE-A Pro) transition, small cells help because of the following reasons:

  • They provide increased data capacity.
  • They help eliminate expensive rooftop systems and installation or rental costs, which reduces the overall cost, hence the best solution for service providers.
  • They facilitate the improvement of the performance of mobile handsets.

When the deployment of 5G offers faster and lower-cost connectivity, a single small cell is time-intensive and expensive. But a 5G network with small cell technology complements macro cells thereby improving network capacity and extending coverage in dense areas where signals are weak. The combination of 5G and small cells allows network operators to derive more value from their existing spectrums by exploiting them more efficiently.

Small cells are important in the network plan of 5G. Also, to enhance our 4G LTE coverage and capacity in locations where the highest usage demand in areas such as shopping centres, sports venues, airports, train stations and college campuses. Their deployment on the 5G network will help unleash innovation on a massive scale thus delivering superior coverage and signal penetration in the densest urban areas.

About Small Cell

A small cell is basically a tiny base station that breaks up a cell site into much smaller pieces and encompasses pico cells, micro cells and femtocells.  The small cell can comprise indoor/outdoor systems and its major goal of small cells is to increase the macro cell’s edge data capacity, speed, and overall network efficiency. For example, there’s one pipe going into the network with a macro base station, and with small cells, it breaks the pipe into many pipes. Further, a small cell is used basically in any outdoor place you have a lot of people using data at a given point in time.

Significance of Small Cell Technology for 5G –

  • Small cells are wireless transmitters and receivers that provide network coverage to smaller areas. So, with 5G small cells, macro towers keep the network signal strong across large distances.
  • Small cells suit more densely developed locations like cities or towns.
  • The deployment of 5G small cell infrastructure with a higher frequency 5G radio spectrum will help enable a smooth network evolution.
  • Small cells are crucial for expanding 5G networks
  • Small cell technology uses to improve the cellular experience for end users and strengthens coverage and data transfer speeds where devices might otherwise compete for bandwidth.
  • Small cells provide high-band high-speed 5G service to smaller areas and offer targeted coverage in specific spaces.


When the importance of small cell 5G networks is increasing, densely developed locations are more into deploying this. Therefore, network testing or measurement solution plays a pivotal role in several use cases. Choose the RantCell app and RantCell web-based solution when facing any network-related issues on 4G/5G coverage. RantCell is designed in such a way that provides both wireless indoor testing and outdoor testing surveys. RantCell assists you in getting a well-performed wireless internet connection by using certain KPIs like Voice calls, Speed tests (upload and downloads tests), SMS Tests, Networking, Latency tests, etc.



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