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Whether you’re building your own house or re-modeling an existing one, a rambuilding consultancy can help you find the best solution to your project’s needs. With a team of construction experts on hand, you can count on us to provide you with the highest quality workmanship and most reliable solutions.

Funding success rate

Whether you are a MAT or an academy, RAMBuildingConsultancy can help you identify short and long term building ambitions and achieve funding for them. With over PS57M of funded projects to their credit, RAM Building Consultancy have a success rate of 79%. As a dedicated team of RICS Chartered Surveyors, RAM Building Consultancy have a wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of building and refurbishment. They can also work with you as your strategic partner and deliver the medium and long term building improvements you need.

The funding success rate is an average of the number of applicants applying for a grant, and the percentage of those who get it. In general, programs with more applications tend to be more competitive, while programs with larger funding pools have more proposals that are awarded. However, even grant writers disagree on what the proper definition of a success rate is.

Contact details

Whether you are looking to invest in a new property, or looking to improve the state of an existing one, RAM Building Consultancy can help you identify your short-term building ambitions. With their team of RICS Chartered Surveyors, RAM can also help you to manage medium-term building improvements. With over PS57 million of funded projects, they’ve got the experience to help you take your next step.

If you have any questions about RAM Building Consultancy’s services, or are a prospective client, you can contact them using the following contact details. With a dedicated team of RICS Chartered Surveyors, and a proven track record of successfully funding building projects, they are a strategic partner for MATs. Their funding success rate is 79%, and they’ve worked with over one academy. In addition, they offer a range of other building services including building restoration, home inspectors, and roofing contractors.

Ram Building Consultancy Ltd is a company incorporated on 27 July 2000. Their registered office is located in Bedford, England.



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