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Prodeg – Connecting In-Class Learning With At-Home Practice

Prodeg is a math game that connects in-class learning with at-home practice. It uses a gamified role-playing adventure to engage students with math skills and improve their performance.

It’s a free, adaptive math game that combines common-core math (grades 1-8) into a fantasy adventure. It has been used by millions of students, parents and teachers to help them practice and master skills.

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Adaptive Math Game

Prodeg Math is a free, adaptive math game that integrates Common Core, MAFS and TEKS standards into a fantasy style game students love playing. It also takes game-based learning a step further by providing teachers with a powerful set of reporting and assessment tools. These tools allow teachers to easily identify trouble spots, differentiate instruction, and save time.

Its personalized approach identifies gaps in students’ understanding and works with them by pulling them back to prerequisite skills, then scaffolding them forward through more difficult concepts. This approach elicits deeper understanding and teaches them how to apply the new knowledge, which is critical to preparing them for their next step in their education.

The Prodeg Math game combines math practice with a fantasy role-playing universe, allowing learners to customize their anime-style avatars and explore multiple themed worlds. Each character’s adventure is powered by math questions, which adjust to a learner’s abilities and level of proficiency.

As players complete their quests and fight monsters, they unlock a variety of wizard spells to use against their enemies. These spells are based on questions and answer choices that are individualized to the learner’s level of proficiency, making them a more personalized experience than traditional online gaming platforms.

This makes the Prodeg Math game perfect for students with learning differences and disabilities such as ADHD. Its gameplay can be used for both formative and summative assessments, while its adaptive learning and differentiated instruction principles address a student’s specific needs.

With its personalized learning, adaptive gameplay and flexible content, the Prodeg Math game is one of the most successful pedagogical applications in the market. It is backed by research and has been proven effective in both primary and secondary classrooms.

It has been designed with a focus on the ‘whole child’ in mind and is aligned to Common Core and Ontario curriculum. This allows educators to tailor the game to their specific needs while also giving parents easy access to their child’s data and reports to see how well they are doing in school.

While the game itself is not as comprehensive as others on our list, it is a great choice for any teacher or parent looking to engage students in a fun and engaging way while focusing on their academic development. It offers a great selection of curriculum-aligned content and is available on virtually any device. It also has a variety of reporting and assessment tools to help teachers monitor and manage their students’ progress, including Progress Reports, Usage Reports and more!

Fantasy Adventure

A fantasy adventure involves a lot of exploration. You can level up your character, get more pets, collect items and gold, and have a whole lot of fun. This is a great game for students who love to get involved in a story and explore the world. It has been my kids’ favorite for 4 years now, and they are always eager to check it out and see what new features have been added.

When an orphaned girl is sent to a magical land where she can only touch another person once a day, she doesn’t expect her new life to turn out the way it does. Instead, she finds herself in a strange new world that is filled with dangers she didn’t anticipate.

This book predates both modern urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and it subverts many of the genre conventions. It’s an excellent example of the kind of SF novel that should be read by everyone, especially those who enjoy stories that challenge convention and take a cynical, unsympathetic view of non-elites.

As far as I can tell, this is the only one of Duane’s books that is set on a planet in a secondary universe. It is also one of the few SF stories that takes a sympathetic view of people who don’t come from money.

The Aska and Riki Viking clans have resented each other for centuries, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find some common ground. When Eelyn, an Aska warrior, spots her brother on the wrong side of a battle, she sets out to save him and discovers more than she ever expected.

If you like epic slow-burn enemies to lovers fantasy romance, you will love The Bird and the Sword. It’s a fantastic m/m story with an interesting cast of characters and an unforgettable love triangle.

It’s a wonderful story about shape-shifting, magic and a boy who has no idea how powerful he is until the witch Mariketa enters his life. It’s dark, emotional and seductive – and it will leave you wanting more.

The only real drawback is that it can be a bit repetitive, but it’s not too bad. It’s also a good way to introduce young children to a wide variety of characters.


The co-teaching method is an effective way to increase student learning. It involves pairing a teacher candidate with a cooperating teacher for an extended period of time to observe and experience teaching in a classroom. As the teacher candidate becomes more comfortable, a shift in responsibility takes place over time. Eventually, the cooperating teacher hands over all responsibilities to the teacher candidate who assumes the lead role in managing the classroom and planning instruction using co-teaching strategies.

The cooperating teacher is also engaged as a mentor and partner with the teacher candidate in the co-teaching process. This model aims to help the teachers develop leadership skills and to provide more student-teacher interactions in the classroom.

In this approach, each teacher teaches a portion of the curriculum to half of the class. This reduces the student-teacher ratio and provides a more targeted learning experience for students.

This method enables the teacher to focus on high-achieving students, while providing alternative assignments for those who need additional support or remediation of instructional material. This model can also be used to target students with special education needs.

Another benefit of this strategy is that the teacher can divide students into groups and teach them at stations. The teachers can rotate stations, giving each group a designated amount of time to complete the activity independently.

Alternatively, the two teachers could both teach each section of the curriculum, and then the assisting teacher would circulate through the room assisting students who are struggling with the material or need extra assistance in their learning. This is a great option to consider if you are trying to reach every student in your classroom.

The co-teaching method is a highly flexible approach that can be tailored to a variety of situations and can work for any classroom. It is also easy to implement and helps to keep students engaged in the content and activities.

There are many different approaches to this method, but the most common are station teaching and parallel teaching. Both of these strategies require a little planning, but both are extremely effective and can be implemented with minimal resources.

Parental Controls

Parental controls are a great way to keep kids safe while still having fun. You can block games by rating, limit spending, and monitor your child’s activities online. This is a smart move for any family with children who are using smartphones or tablets to access the internet.

Prodeg parent dashboard is also a great place to see the big picture. It is the best place to find out what your child has been up to. You can also check up on their progress, which is helpful when your teen is in a different country or your tween is away at camp. The dashboard is easy to navigate and offers several high-quality graphics.

The site is designed for use on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. It’s available via the company’s website, iOS App Store, and Google Play Store. Its most prominent feature is the grade override which lets parents control what their kids are learning. Besides the usual grade a and b, you can also control what grades they get their awards in.

The site has a few other features in its toolbox including a social media page and an impressively designed website. Despite its slick interface and high-quality content, it is a good idea to consult with your child’s teacher before installing the application.

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