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If you love animals, and want to write about them, there are a variety of places where you can submit articles about pets. However, you must make sure to follow the submission guidelines of the publications you are writing for. For example, your article must be 100% unique and original. It should also contain a link to your website or social media profiles.

Article submission guidelines

Pets Write For Us is a dog-focused blog, and we welcome guest post submissions. Our audience includes dog lovers, moms, and dads. You should be knowledgeable about dog care and topics, as well as pet-related topics, and send in your complete articles in an email.

Articles for the Pets Write For Us blog should be informative and easy to read. The average reader wants advice on caring for a pet, so make your articles as informative as possible. Articles should be between 1500 and two thousand words, but longer articles are better. A longer article will allow the reader to dive deeper into the topic, and will also give you a chance to insert relevant links.

Content must be 100% unique and original

When submitting a Pets Write For Us article, it is imperative to ensure that your content is unique and original. In addition, it must be well-structured and contain direct answers to questions posed by readers. Writers are also expected to use SEO-friendly language and to use keywords in the article. Lastly, writers must include two links at the end of their piece. These links must be authentic and reliable.

Pets Write For Us is looking for guest bloggers to write about any topic related to dogs, cats, and pet care. The audience of the blog is dog lovers and moms and dads. To submit a guest article, the first step is familiarizing yourself with the style of the blog. Once you have a good understanding of the blog’s tone and style, you can pitch a topic that interests you.

Links to author’s site or social media profiles required

Pets write for us is an online platform dedicated to finned, feathered, and furry fun. The website has videos, sharable photos, and an open call for true stories. If you have a passion for animals and an understanding of the market, this website might be just right for you. Whether you’re a professional writer, a hobbyist, or a full-time pet parent, Pets Write For Us is the perfect opportunity to share your knowledge of these animals. It requires no payment details, so you can write about them whenever you want.

Markets that pay freelancers to write about pets

Pet-loving people with the knack for words can sell their pet-centric writing to companies looking to hire freelance writers. You can earn a side income or even a full-time living as a freelance writer. The interest in pets is growing, and there is a huge demand for pet-related writing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 45,210 writing and author jobs in 2018, with a slightly slower growth rate expected for this category in the years to come.

Pet-related articles can be published in many different markets, including online magazines and print publications. They can also be written for pet product companies. Other potential markets include breed organizations, trade associations, zoos, aquariums, and local papers. Pet-related articles can be republished, but it is important to remember to include your byline, bio, and copyright notice.

The best way to make a living as a freelance pet writer is to consistently produce high-quality work. If you can consistently meet clients’ expectations and have a high rating, you will be rewarded with higher prices and long-term client relationships. Depending on your skill set, you can earn anywhere from $20 to $40 per hour. You can set your prices depending on the type of deliverables you provide.

Writing about pets is a great way to combine your love of animals and your writing skills. You will need a background in animal studies and a keen understanding of animal-centric topics. The first step is to choose a topic you are comfortable writing about. Some popular topics include general care, veterinary issues, breed profiles, nutrition, and travel. The ability to research and present information in an unbiased, concise manner is essential.