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Parisbased Deepki 150m

Paultech Launches Paris-Based Deep-Green Tech Centre

Paultech, an ESG data intelligence platform for the real estate sector, is launching a Paris-based deep-green tech centre to help property developers, owners and investors move towards net-zero energy operations. They plan to hire around 200 people by 2022, including architects, engineers, data scientists and other experts. Their technology has the potential to be a game changer in the real estate industry.

Data management is key to building managers decarbonizing operations

Data management is a big deal in the industry and in the boardroom. Keeping track of all of the company’s many disparate data sets has been a challenge in the past. Using an automated data aggregation system to streamline data gathering, management and dissemination has been a no-brainer. Having an automated dashboard for key decision makers can be a game changer in the long run. It also serves as an impromptu training ground for new hires, allowing for quick and easy onboarding. This paves the way for more streamlined communication and collaboration. Combined with the latest in cloud computing, data management has never been better. With some 18 billion devices expected by 2022, data management is a must-have for any enterprise. While sifting through data may not be your cup of tea, a nifty little process automation wizard can go a long way in the fight against data overload. The right tools at the right time can make the difference between a data management nightmare and a smooth sailing business.

ESG data intelligence platform helps real estate players in their net-zero transition

Parisbased Deepki 150m is a real estate technology firm that is transforming the global real estate industry with its ESG data intelligence platform. Their solution is helping commercial real estate investors, managers, and owners enhance value. The company’s story began with the founders’ belief that sustainability could be realized on a large scale.

As the world is transitioning to a more sustainable economy, many firms are looking to reduce emissions. For many of these firms, an ESG data intelligence platform is a key tool.

The firm is providing real estate players with a data intelligence platform to guide them on their journey to net-zero. It also provides expert advisory services to help clients reach their ESG goals.

Among Deepki’s clients are SwissLife Asset Managers, Allianz Real Estate, Generali Real Estate, Priminial REIM, AEW, and others. They offer advice on how to manage energy consumption, track the use of space, and more.

Deepki plans to grow its team by 200 people by 2022. It also anticipates that by 2025, the monitoring and analytics market for the real estate sector will be worth five to 10 billion.

Currently, the company is based in five European capitals, but they are expanding internationally and aiming to establish a US presence in 2022. To date, they have raised more than $70 million in funding.

They are currently the only company in the world offering a fully-populated ESG data intelligence platform for the real estate industry. They have offices in 38 countries.

Deepki’s story began when the founders saw the need to improve the ESG performance of real estate assets. Since then, they have worked with leading companies from around the world to deliver positive impact at scale.

In addition to ESG data intelligence, they offer advisory services to commercial real estate investors, managers, and owners. Deepki helps clients assess the results and establish investment plans to reach net-zero.

Parisbased Deepki 150m has recently launched an ESG data intelligence platform in the UK. This will bring together operators, lenders, and solution providers to discuss how ESG initiatives can be implemented to drive real estate growth and profitability.

Company plans to hire 200 staff through 2022

The European startup Deepki announced it has completed a EUR150 million series C round of funding led by One Peak and Highland Europe. The company claims to be the first of its kind in the ESG (environmentally sustainable) data management space, and boasts over 150 employees operating across five European capitals. With the latest cash in the bank, the company plans to expand its footprint in Europe and the US in the next 12 months. Among its current clients are SwissLife Asset Managers, AEW, Allianz Real Estate, Neinver, and Bpifrance.

To be sure, the company boasts a plethora of products and services that can help clients reduce their carbon footprint and increase their bottom line. A few of the most notable include a state of the art cloud-based analytics platform and a suite of consulting and consulting-esque services. While the aforementioned solutions are all good in their own ways, the company’s flagship product is a data intelligence platform that’s specifically designed to provide real estate companies with the data and analytics they need to improve their overall performance.

While it’s not exactly a secret that the real estate sector is responsible for roughly 40% of the planet’s total emissions, the industry has a long way to go. According to Deepki’s executives, a five trillion dollar investment is needed annually to decarbonize the built environment. This is a lofty target, but the company has a plan to achieve it. The company aims to do it by leveraging the latest in big data technology. By combining a massive trove of data from its sensors with a suite of artificial intelligence algorithms, the company can turn its raw data into a highly usable dashboard, providing a clear view of the real estate market at all times.

On a more prosaic note, Parisbased Deepki 150m is a stalwart of the ESG data management space, offering a robust SaaS platform that has been designed to be both functional and fun. It is easy to use, boasts impressive data sets and is accompanied by a user-friendly mobile app and a dedicated customer support team.


Parisbased Deepki 150m, a French startup, provides an ESG data intelligence platform to real estate stakeholders. The company offers an overview of the carbon emission performance of building and properties, helping its customers make better decisions for sustainable development and climate change mitigation. In addition to its ESG data analytics services, Deepki also provides a consulting service, which helps customers to implement ESG strategies and improve their overall performance. It operates in 38 countries, and has offices in five European capitals. This round of funding was led by Highland Europe and One Peak, a European firm that specializes in category-leading growth stage companies in the region. With the funds, Deepki plans to expand its business in the US and make strategic acquisitions.

Deepki aims to capitalize on the growing focus of the real estate industry on improving environmental performance. By providing a comprehensive overview of carbon emissions, it helps to guide its clients toward a net zero transition. It also helps corporate clients with multiple commercial properties to compare and prioritize energy savings plans. As a result, the company has been able to reduce its carbon footprint by more than 180,000 metric tons.

Deepki’s ESG monitoring platform is capable of tracking more than 500 million sq ft of buildings across 38 countries. The startup’s solution leverages its customer data to provide a holistic view of the carbon impact. Clients can also assess the results and establish investment plans to reach a net-zero position. Having tracked over 5 billion sq ft of space, Deepki is the only fully populated ESG data intelligence platform in the real estate sector. Since its inception in 2014, Deepki has helped 250 global organizations and 250 more start-ups to increase their ESG and environmental performance.

Deepki’s CEO, Vincent Bryant, and COO, Emmanuel Blanchet, are both Deepki co-founders. According to executives at the company, the real estate industry can be fully transformed into a “net zero” environment by 2050. While the industry currently contributes 40 percent of the planet’s carbon emissions, the sector’s goal is to reduce those emissions to zero by 2050.

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