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How To Prepare For A Product Manager Interview?

Every second individual in the workforce aspires to be a product manager, which is one of the most difficult positions. This is because of the product management salary, responsibilities, and roles that one needs to play within the position.  With all of the excitement of becoming a product manager, there is always the dread of failing those examinations and interviews.  It may appear challenging at first, but if you give it your all, you will succeed.

We have included some preparation recommendations for a product manager interview in this post.  Continue reading to know more in detail!

What Are The Steps Included In The Cracking The Product Management Interview?

It is crucial to analyse the procedure first.  There are several aspects of the interview procedure for product managers that are quite universal across the board.  However, it will vary greatly depending on the firm, the specific function, your degree of experience, and so on.

  • Learn about the Product Management interview procedure.
  • Understand numerous kinds of questions.
  • To improve, use example questions
  • Select a location for your application (top companies)
  • Prepare with more model interviews

Let us dig more deeply into each step and know in detail!

What To Expect In Product Management Interviews?

In order to give you a general idea of what to expect, we’ve outlined the common steps of Product Management interviews.  This is a crucial question since it will provide you with a broad grasp of the procedures you must follow, enabling you to manage your prep time more wisely.  It is basically the different slides of the interview that are mentioned below.

  • Make The Interview Happened: The first step is to schedule interviews. You’ll need to have a solid cover letter, along with the CV, each of which ought to be particular to the position and company you’re submitting to.  Never take the importance of personalizing your application to the particular organization to which you are applying for a grant.  Leading companies place a high focus on cultural or value compatibility across their application procedures.
  • Use Templates For Resume And Cover Letters: If you haven’t already applied, utilize the template Product Management resume and cover letter or tips to help you stand out. In addition, ask an individual or coworker who is currently working either with the desired company or with you currently if they would be ready to write to you with a personal referral.
  • Prepare Well With Behavioral Questions: After being selected for an interview, you will have a phone screen question and answer session with a recruiter or HR professional. During this phase, the recruiter will go over the standard résumé and behavioral questions.
  • Video Conference: The next stage is to conduct a video conference with additional interview-specific questions. On this call, your interview will often be conducted by a current Product Management at the organization.
  • On-site Interviews: The final stage is on-site interviews. For this process, you’ll be at the corporate headquarters of the firm for the entire day probably or at the office where you’re applying.
  • Final Stage: If everything goes as planned, your final stage being a candidate will be on-site interviews, following which you will only have patience for your offer (ideally).

What Qualities Do Employers Want in a New Product Manager?

Get inside your interviewer’s thoughts before they start asking questions.  What are they seeking, exactly in you?  That is very important to understand if you want to prepare well for the Product Management interviews.

Aside from intelligence, humor, and the ability to adapt, understand, and respond fast?  They are looking for someone who is determined to succeed, who can communicate with several teams, and who can priorities improvements that they already know people want.  Product managers must be creative, strategic, and insightful.  This implies that the hiring company will conduct extensive research on you to see whether you are a good fit.

Why Should You Try For The Product Management Role?

As already cleared so far, the field of product management is quite upgradable and good.  So is the product management salary.  In India, the average annual salary for a product manager is Rs. 16.0 Lakhs, with salaries varying from 5.5 Lakhs to Rs. 35.0 Lakhs.  Salary predictions are based on the 25.8k salaries reported by product managers.


We saw the diversification of this field.  Product management aids in determining how customers’ wants are evolving.  As product managers routinely connect with existing customers and are on the search for new ones, they usually get to know the pain points first and provide the product development team with the lead for a new product.

Now, if you want to be part of the product management interviews, you must get the eligibility criteria satisfied first!  If you want to streamline your interview preparation and get access to everything you need in one spot. Enrol in the best product management courses offered by Emeritus to learn more about the domain.  More than 300 practice questions, mock interview videos, training on how to respond to every sort of Product Management inquiry, and examples of excellent responses are all included in the course.



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