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Hinson Family Music !

If you love classic country music and don’t mind spending money on a new CD, then check out the latest album by the Hinson Family. The group released their fourth album in 2014, called Tribute To The Original Hinsons. This album features such songs as “Burdens are Lifted,” “Joy Comes in the Morning,” and “Never Be Over the Hill.”

Ronny Hinson

Ronny Hinson has made a name for himself as a gospel singer. His original group, Bo Hinson and Purpose, went on to become the New Hinsons, a Christian group that had success with their songs “Speak the Word, Lord” and “Oasis”. “Oasis” was one of the biggest songs of 1996, and reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for four months. It was named the sixth-best song of 1996 on Paul Heil’s show.

Ronny Hinson has written many gospel standards, including the popular gospel song “The Lighthouse,” which won the 1972 Dove Award and the Fan Award for “Best Gospel Song”. Hinson has toured the world for 44 years, singing gospel music for many different audiences. In addition to writing songs, Ronny also instructs songwriters and performs concerts to spread Biblical truths.

Yvonne Hinson

Yvonne Hinson has been named Academic in Residence by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). In this role, she will provide leadership on AICPA initiatives and develop strategic direction for academic relations. She will also serve as a liaison to the accounting community. She will report to Joanne Fiore.

Yvonne Hinson has a diverse background, having spent much of her life teaching. She has also served on numerous nonprofit boards, including the Carolina Raptor Center. Her undergraduate degree is in accounting and she earned her MBA from UNC Charlotte.

Ronny “Bo” Hinson Jr.

After a brief break from the gospel music scene, Ronny “Bo” Hinson Jr formed a new group. The group went by the name of the New Hinsons and had a string of hits, including “Speak the Word, Lord.” The New Hinsons had their first #1 hit in 1994 with “Oasis,” which reached the top spot for the entire 1996 calendar year.

In the 1970s, Bo Hinson and the New Hinsons released “The Lighthouse.” The song was written by Ronny Hinson and became a hit for the group. The song is still one of the most-recorded southern gospel songs. The group also co-hosted the television show “The Gospel Singing Jubilee” from 1973 to 1980.

Wayne Hinson

Wayne Hinson founded Hinson Clutch Components in 1992. He was a general contractor by trade but had a passion for motorsports. He first got involved with the sport in his early years. In the early 80s, he went back to riding motorcycles. The love for motorsports fueled his desire to create the perfect clutch.

After earning his Juris Doctorate from Loyola Marymount University, Mr. Hinson served in the U.S. Army for three years in Vietnam. He is a member of the State Bar of California and is admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as all federal district courts in California. He is also an inactive member of the State Bar of Texas.

Hinson Racing

Hinson Racing is a world-class manufacturer of clutch components. Their products are designed to improve clutch life and performance. They feature Akadized(tm) coating for superior performance. These parts are manufactured from T-6 billet aluminum and are Akadized to enhance durability. They help the clutch spin true and improve overall clutch life.

Hinson Racing clutch kits have high production tolerances and are designed for the highest level of performance. They mate perfectly with the inner hub and basket, extending the life of all components. Hinson also offers fiber clutch plates, which are manufactured in Japan. These plates are made from an aluminum base plate and a cork friction material. Hinson’s fiber clutch plates are compatible with all other OE clutch components, including the baskets and springs.

Hinson Clutch Components

Hinson is one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to clutch components. They produce some of the most advanced clutches available and are used by many top racing teams. Their products include premium clutch baskets, pressure plates, fiber and steel plates, and extremely durable clutch covers. They have won over 250 National and World championships and have a long history of innovation.

One of the most important parts of a motorcycle is the clutch system. The proper maintenance will increase power and enhance the experience of riding. Hinson clutch components are designed to optimize the power transfer between the engine and the driveline.



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