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Esthetic Dentistry in Noida

Floss Dental Clinic is a comprehensive cosmetic dental center, providing smile designing treatments. Their team includes prosthodontists, orthodontists and consultant periodontists and oral surgeons under one roof for convenience.

Our teeth whitening program can dramatically brighten your smile by eliminating years of yellowing and dullness. A whitening treatment should also be conducted before considering other cosmetic enhancements like veneers or bonding.

For esthetic dentistry in Noida, opt for Floss Dental Clinic. 

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain or plastic covers bonded directly onto the front surface of your teeth that can dramatically transform a smile by correcting its color, shape and size. Veneers can close small gaps between teeth, correct crookedness or correct chipped or brokenness as well as close small spaces between gums. Veneers offer less-invasive alternatives than crowns by only needing minimal trim back on natural tooth structure to accommodate for veneer placement.

Porcelain veneers can also be an effective way of hiding discolored teeth. Years of tobacco smoking, coffee drinking and other highly pigmented beverages can leave teeth looking yellowed despite bleaching treatments; porcelain veneers provide a quick and efficient solution to quickly erase these unsightly stains for a bright white smile.

Veneers offer many advantages over plastic veneers, including their durability. Kiln baked and fused directly to enamel surfaces, veneers can last up to 15 years and be more stain-resistant than plastic options.

Before applying composite veneers, your dentist will etch the surface of your teeth to allow for bonding agent to adhere to it and create space for bonding agent to work effectively. This doesn’t cause any pain and usually takes less than 20 seconds. After this step is completed, an adhesive glue will be added so resin sticks securely, then they’ll sculpt and shape veneers according to your specifications before polishing them to perfection for a lasting shine.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is one of the easiest and least invasive corrective dental techniques that can dramatically enhance facial appearance. By eliminating stains from your teeth and making them appear more appealing, tooth whitening gives you confidence to talk, smile and laugh openly while at the same time keeping your white smile bright as time goes on.

Professional teeth whitening at FLOSS is safe, effective, and provides immediate results that can last up to one year with good oral hygiene. While retail store products promise whiter smiles, they simply don’t compare in effectiveness or can harm gums when used incorrectly.

If your existing fillings or crowns have become discolored over time, whitening your teeth can still benefit them, by lightening their color and making them appear more natural. We may also recommend additional cosmetic enhancements, such as porcelain veneers to complement and complete your new, improved appearance.

A smile is more than a collection of teeth; it reveals who we are as individuals. A healthy and attractive smile can boost self-esteem and lead to more confident interactions socially or professionally. At Floss Dental Clinic we provide various treatments to enhance your smile – such as professional cleanings and x-rays to ensure that both teeth and gums remain in good health, BOTOX(r) treatments to soften fine lines around your face, or BOTOX(r) treatments to soften any fine lines or wrinkles around your face.

BOTOX(r) Treatments

The dentists at Floss Dental Clinic are committed to making dentistry accessible, faster, more efficient and painless through modern technology and procedures. Each individual patient’s needs vary; therefore they offer high quality personalised treatments specifically tailored to them all.

At Floss, we provide BOTOX(r) treatments to address migraine and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain. This quick and straightforward process requires no downtime and has a very high success rate.

BOTOX(r), administered by a physician, can temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes (crow’s feet). BOTOX works by relaxing muscles in these areas, allowing them to soften over time – this helps your face appear younger while making you more confident when expressing yourself.

BOTOX(r) Cosmetic is composed of botulinum toxin type A and should only be administered by certified healthcare practitioners with a fine needle. Please be aware that BOTOX(r) could reduce muscle strength to affect swallowing or speaking abilities, potentially leading to pneumonia, stroke, heart attack and even death – it is therefore imperative that before considering this medication the full Prescribing Information and Boxed Warning are read thoroughly first. BOTOX(r) is approved for use by licensed practitioners within the US in areas including dermatology plastic surgery facial plastic surgery otolaryngology neurology and neurology among others.


JUVEDERM(tm) XC is an injectable filler which effectively works to decrease facial wrinkles, lines and folds such as nasolabial folds. Made of naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid found within our bodies, it boasts a long track record of safety and efficacy with easy application in three concentrations; recommended for adults over 21 years of age.

Aesthetic dentistry is a field that blends aesthetic and restorative procedures together in order to produce an attractive smile. Many people suffer from imperfections in their teeth or mouth that erode confidence and affect self-image; such flaws may include chipped, discolored or misaligning teeth which can be further worsened by smoking and certain foods.

Dental esthetics is determined by many factors, including facial morphology, culture, and personality. There are various guidelines for aesthetic dentistry available that can help determine whether a smile is appealing or unattractive; however, studies on smile design are limited and inconsistent; thus a consensus statement was produced to create practice guidelines for aesthetic dentistry among the Indian population through colloquia and panel discussions with resource individuals from across India; this resulted in six introduction and concluding remarks for this document.



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