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Esportica Font Download Free

Esportica is a modern display typeface designed for headlines and body text. It features 230 glyphs including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols. Esportica is compatible with a number of international languages, making it an excellent choice for a variety of projects. If you’re looking for a typeface to use in a sports-themed project, consider downloading Esportica.

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Espa Brush is a new typeface

The brush-like feel and look of Espa is sure to give your projects an original touch. The font is best for branding projects, wedding designs, big headlines, and more. Besides being free to download, Espa Brush also supports cyrillic characters and latin extended languages. 92 glyphs are included, including uppercase and lowercase letters. In addition, the font comes with several advanced features, including kerning and updated open type features.

Viro is a sans-serif humanist typeface

Humanist typefaces take inspiration from Roman lettering and Carolingian minuscule. They were popular during the Renaissance because of their simplicity and reference to the handwritten minuscule. Nicolas Jenson, the first printer of books with serifs, was inspired by the Italian Humanists who created more elegant and faster handwriting. However, the popularity of Humanist typefaces was challenged by Gutenberg’s Textura Blackletter, and they haven’t lost their appeal. Today, Humanist typefaces remain some of the most popular typefaces.

Humanist typefaces often feature evidence of a human holding a pen, and their rounded and curved shapes evoke a warm feeling. Some humanist typefaces pair well with Old Style serifs and have strong calligraphy roots. Viro is a sans-serif humanist typeface from esportica font download free

Sengoa Sans Serif is an elegant sans serif with stylistic alternates

The versatile Neuthing Sans is a sans serif font that works well in any design environment. It is available in various weights and is versatile enough for both formal and casual uses. In addition, the font works well with many other fonts and is available in three different weights. In addition, the Sans Serif also comes with stylistic alternates, so you can change the appearance of your text with the style of the font. Karl, for example, is a bold sans serif that comes in four different weights, which is perfect for headings. It also features stylistic alternates and irregular lines for a perfectly balanced typeface.

The Sans Serif family is another beautiful typeface that offers a variety of different weights and obliques. It was originally designed for a museum installation, and was later expanded by the type designer. In 2016, the Fonts at MoMA added an Arabic version. Other great sans serif fonts are Visby and Montreux Sans Pro. These font families are flexible and suitable for use in different settings, including headings, central copy, and body copy. The fonts themselves can say as much as the words you write in them.

Otama is a serif typeface

Otama is a classic serif typeface with a striking contrast between thick and thin strokes. It is a creation of Tim Donaldson, a New Zealand graphic designer specializing in web design, typography, and branding. This elegant font has a variety of styles that blend well with most basic families. Its versatility makes it a great choice for a wide variety of projects.

This font family has five styles and 214 glyphs, each with its own character set. More than 100 languages are supported. There are several variations of this font family, which is ideal for playing around with font effects. Otama is free for private and non-commercial use, but you’ll need a license from the creator, Tim Donaldson. If you’d like to use it commercially, you can buy a license for it from the website.



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