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ATT 70m Attabramsbleepingcomputer Review

The Bleeping Computer and 70 Million AT&T Phone Numbers

One company has just acquired a database of 70 million AT&T phone numbers. They have supposedly made the database available to the public for free. However, the company has received bids of up to $230,000 for the entire database.

ATT 70m Attabramsbleepingcomputer subscribers’ phone numbers

A cybersecurity firm, a data hound, and a group of hackers teamed up to figure out the best way to wrangle a database of 70 million AT&T mobile phone subscribers. They also found a clever data visualization scheme and a correspondingly savvy customer service department. The result was a small, but meaningful, number of happy, data-hungry AT&T customers.

While they may be missing out on a shiny new smartphone, they have at least got their money’s worth by being the first carrier to offer internet to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. In fact, they have even gone as far as to reward a small sample of their customers with a hefty $100 Visa reward card. However, they won’t let their customers port their numbers from Liberty to any other provider, lest they risk losing their coveted wireless phones in the process. Eventually, they will be able to do that, but it will take a little more digging to get there.

As a matter of fact, the name-brand smartphone is actually a rebranded iPhone, so the company is more than a little embarrassed by the incident. And, to make matters worse, some of the same security holes they discovered are being exploited by others. Nevertheless, they have at least learned from their mistakes.

The big question is, who will be the next one to be hit with this ill-fated hack. At the time of this writing, the company had not yet decided on a formal response, if there even is a response. Some analysts are predicting a flood of angry, disgruntled subscribers. Meanwhile, ShinyHunters, the cybersecurity firm that snagged the data, has already unwittingly played a role in this calamity.

Nonetheless, there are many possible solutions to the problem of data theft. One is to reroute incoming network traffic to an out of band backup site. Another is to hire security experts to run a full network health check. Lastly, there is an option to opt-in to a special email alert system. This will ensure that you don’t get sucked into a spam trap, and you can always delete any emails containing your usernames and passwords if you choose.

ShinyHunters claims to have data of 70 million AT&T subscribers

The well-known threat actor known as ShinyHunters has announced that he has acquired a database of personal data belonging to 70 million AT&T subscribers. He wants to sell the data to the highest bidder for $1 million.

According to reports, this is not the first time that ShinyHunters has been involved in an auction for personal information. In April, the FBI seized a hacking forum that ShinyHunters had set up.

Recently, the group has been selling data stolen from other companies, including T Mobile, for hundreds of thousands of dollars. But they are now trying to sell the AT&T database for a much higher price on the dark web.

ATT 70m Attabramsbleepingcomputer has defended its data, saying that it hasn’t been hacked. However, they haven’t revealed the details of the breach. And the hackers haven’t given any clear evidence that the data came from their systems.

According to reports, the data includes names, birth dates, and social security numbers. These could be used to open fraudulent accounts or to get identification documents.

A report from BleepingComputer revealed that a sample of the data was listed for sale on an underground hacking forum. Although the auction was supposedly over, a cached copy was found by cyber intelligence firm Intel 471. It was also reported that the group was offering the entire database for just over $1 million.

The sale of the data may be an opportunity for the Hunters to capitalize on telecom fears. After the T-Mobile data breach, AT&T is in the spotlight.

ShinyHunters has already compromised several other websites, including Tokopedia, Havenly, and Minted. They have also been behind other exploits for Microsoft and Pixlr.

RestorePrivacy has reviewed a small sample of the data, but is unable to confirm that it is authentic. Its analysis of the data suggests that the data is related to AT&T customers, although they can’t tell how the hackers obtained it.

ShinyHunters has a long history of hacking and selling personal information. They are known for their involvement in high-profile incidents last year. Their Wikipedia page lists many exploits.

If you’re an ATT 70m Attabramsbleepingcomputer subscriber, you should be wary of any email asking for your personal information. AT&T has a few things you can do to protect yourself from identity theft. For instance, you have to confirm any email request for your personal information. Also, you must sign up to the company’s Insider program, which gives you access to partner offers.

ShinyHunters received bids of up to $230,000 for the entire database

For a company that is known for its mobile phones, you would have thought that they have a fairly robust security suite to keep your data safe and your personal data out of the wrong hands. In fact, they may have compromised your phone and your privacy in ways you don’t want to know about. The most obvious of these nefarious acts is extortion, but there are many other methods of snooping your information such as phishing, malware or hacking into your network or cloud services.

A good example is the infamous T-Mobile data breach. According to a report from the FBI, there are a number of reasons why the telecommunications giant fell foul to the nefarious arts, from a misconfigured email account to a rogue third party server containing personal data. Among the many culprits were the aforementioned third party server, which contains personal data of more than 40 million consumers. To resolve this nefarious matter, the company pled guilty and agreed to pay the good old fashion way, a whopping $350 million in settlements. On top of the settlement, AT&T has also announced that they will be making some changes to its network to prevent another similar incident in the near future. This has resulted in an overhaul of the company’s IT department, which will make it even more difficult for hackers to sneak their nefarious wares past them.

ShinyHunters will release it for free

As you might be aware, a group of cybercriminals dubbed ShinyHunters has been breaching organizations, publishing data, and trying to sell it for money. The group’s tactics have evolved since its inception in 2020.

ShinyHunters first made headlines when it was discovered that it was selling databases of stolen AT&T data on a dark web forum. While it was not possible to independently verify whether the data was indeed stolen, security researchers noted that the data was missing from the AT&T servers.

This isn’t the first time that ShinyHunters has breached companies. In the past, they have also targeted sites such as BigBasket, MeetMindful, and Pixlr. But today, ShinyHunters has shifted its focus towards extortion. Earlier this year, it was revealed that the hackers had stolen tens of millions of AT&T customer records. Those records included email addresses, bcrypt passwords, social media access tokens, and PII.

In the weeks following the T-Mobile breach, ShinyHunters has been breaching a number of other websites and code repositories. They’ve also targeted Microsoft’s private GitHub repository. These breaches contain millions of rows of PII and SHA-512 password hashes.

On August 19, 2021, ShinyHunters posted an auction for an AT&T database on a hacker forum. The group offered to sell the data for $1 million. However, it seems that they did not get much attention from buyers.

Although the group has not made a huge fortune from its activities, they’ve gained the support of other cybercriminals by leaking a small sample of their data for free. This may be an attempt to expand their revenue streams. If they succeed, they could be one of the most prolific threat actors in cyberspace.

It’s likely that they will continue breaching companies and posting their content for sale. With the fear that telecoms might be hacked, this could be an opportunity for them to capitalize. Regardless of their tactics, ShinyHunters are an interesting and prominent threat actor. So far, their strategies have largely aligned with those of extortion-based groups. It’s hard to say how long they will stay in business. Just as with many cybercriminals, periods of inactivity are followed by increased activity below the surface.

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